AMC 5550

Models: Brew, Berg & Blitz
(Valid for Domestic BLUECAIN RO models used at Institutions like Office, School, Hostels etc)


  1. Free one no. of RO Membrane.
  2. Free one no. of Carbon Filter.
  3. Free one no. of Sediment Filter.
  4. Free one no. of FRT.
  5. Free repairing of All electrical/ electronic Parts like Pump,  SMPS,SV etc..

Charges: Our Charges for Annual Maintenance Contract For one Machine is Rs. 5550/-.
Warranty: The Warranty cover one year from the date of 1st Service.
Free Service: 3 Free services in a year.
Complaints: Any number of complaints will be attended within 48 Hours, Free of Cost.


  1. The Product should be located within the specified with In 10 KM Range.
  2. The Product should be electrically/ electronically in perfect condition. Otherwise the Customer has to bear the cost of defective spares at the time of 1st. Service.
  3. If any non- BLUECAIN RO parts are found in the Product, the same will be changed with original BLUECAIN RO parts at Customers cost.